Filming Guidelines & Suggestions

PLEASE, check/change your phone settings!

- 24 fps (not all phones will allow this number, but we STRONGLY prefer it when possible)
 1080p or 4K (prefer 4k if you have space)

When shooting slow motion, please, just use the highest "fps" number allowed. The higher the number, the slower the motion!

PLEASE, check/change your phone settings!

- 24 fps (23.976, 23.98, 24, and even 25 are ok, but 30 fps is NOT)
Prefer 4K, but any resolution from 1080p or higher works.
- LOG/RAW footage!!! 
(S-log, C-Log, V-Log, B-raw, etc.). The footage will get color graded professionally.

We need at least three types of shots, but beyond these, please, submit anything you think shows what it feels like to live through this crisis in your city. 

- Establishing shots: showing the skyline/landscape of your city. 
Shots of the shutdown in your city. Examples: signs of closed businesses, empty streets.
- Slow motion of people in masks.